Lewis Hamilton’s victory for Mercedes at the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday was not the most thrilling race the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve has ever produced, but they can’t all be classics, can they?


Discussion (and disagreement) over the Romain Grosjean-Max Verstappen crash at the Monaco Grand Prix has spilled over into the Montreal paddock this week. At the FIA press conference on Thursday morning, Felipe Massa reiterated the criticism he expressed for Verstappen after the Monaco race, saying it was correct that the young Dutchman was penalised for hitting the back of Grosjean’s car.


Kimi Raikkonen is not a great qualifier. Despite the Finn’s well-earned reputation as a quick driver, turning in that single fast lap on Saturday has never been at the top of his list of skills. Rather, it is his ability to perform on Sundays that has made his reputation.


It is going to happen at some point, Sebastian Vettel winning a Formula One championship with Ferrari. The question is: when?

Predictions are a dangerous game, particularly in a sport where it is difficult enough to forecast the winner of the next race, let alone a result one or more years down the road. Yet here we are, predicting not only that Vettel will add to his four titles, but the year he will do it.


In terms of pure sporting achievement, Nico Rosberg’s victory at the 2015 Monaco Grand Prix last weekend may not rank anywhere near Michael Jordan’s jump shot to beat Cleveland in 1989 or Liverpool’s Champions League comeback against AC Milan in 2005.


With 15 laps remaining in the 2015 Monaco Grand Prix, everything seemed set for a predictable finish. Championship leader Lewis Hamilton was nearly 20 seconds ahead of his Mercedes team-mate, Nico Rosberg, and was expected to become the seventh straight pole-sitter to take victory in the principality.


In-race refuelling in Formula One was banned for the 2010 season in an effort to save costs. Clearly that goal has not been accomplished, as spending continues to spiral out of control and lower-budget teams scramble to pay their bills.


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