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Home-field advantage in F1

Have you ever wondered whether home-field advantage exists in Formula One?  Wonder no more.  Today, I contributed an article to which answers this question through statistical analysis. Just click this link to check out “Does home-field advantage exist in F1? – Real Comfortable Racing” on Meanwhile, I’ll be working on my Rush review (Here’s a […]

Serving two masters – F1 driver contracts

No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. – Matthew 6:24  Going into the final race of the 2012 season, the Brazilian Grand Prix, Marussia held a slight edge over Caterham in the battle for […]

The Rights of the Crowd

I don’t understand Formula One – at least according to Niki Lauda.  Maybe TPL readers will agree with him.  In this case, though, I have to politely disagree with the three-times World Champion and everyone else who says it is inappropriate to boo at an F1 race (I’m looking at you, Martin Brundle). For some reason, […]

And now . . . the Champagne! – Requiem for the 2013 season

For anyone harbouring any doubts that the battle for the 2013 World Drivers’ Championship is over, this post is here to crush those doubts, just as Sebastian Vettel and his Red Bull have crushed their competition.  Vettel currently has a 53-point lead over Fernando Alonso, in second place and nobody, not Alonso nor Hamilton nor […]

Leading from the front

Once again, Sebastian Vettel qualified on pole, and once again, the race was over almost before it began.  Despite some interesting battles in the mid-field, the 2013 Italian GP played out like too many races before it this season: a dominant, almost-unchallenged Vettel victory. It has often been said that Sebastian Vettel performs well when […]

The pendulum swings – A look at the 2014 calendar

For the last fifteen years, the centre of gravity in the F1 universe has been shifting slowly (or not so slowly) east, towards Asia.  There is nothing inherently wrong with this, with F1 seeking to expand its global brand, but the execution has, in many cases, been sloppy: bland circuits with few spectators in countries […]

The mystique of Monza

France may be the ancestral home of grand prix motor racing, and England is its heart, but its spirit resides in Italy.  The Autodromo Nazionale at Monza, just north of Milan, is the fastest racetrack on the F1 calendar, a true test of speed, damn the aerodynamic bits and pieces that have taken over the […]