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He said what?! – Monaco Grand Prix edition

Just before the parade lap of the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix, David Coulthard, speaking of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton who were sitting first and second on the starting grid, said, “I’ve got to believe that Mercedes are going to work strategically and apply team orders.” Formula One, and motor racing in general, is an odd mix […]

The story of the Safety Car

The safety car has yet to make its first appearance in the 2013 Formula One season. With Monaco and Montréal the next two races on the calendar, though, that is all about to change. Those two circuits, with little-to-no run-off area at most corners and metal barriers often inches from the edge of the circuit, […]

What are all those flags for?

With only one week to go until the Monaco Grand Prix, it’s time to talk about flags – you’re bound to see lots of them on the tight, twisty streets of Monte Carlo.  Today, we are going to focus on two of the most common flags you will see during a Formula One race: yellow […]

How many points for seventh place, again?

Maybe this should have been part of one of the introductory posts, but today we’re going to learn about the Formula One points scoring system. It’s not as simple as it was a few years ago, but it is definitely simpler than some of the systems used during the early years of the Drivers’ and […]

He said what?! – Spanish Grand Prix edition

Rather than a recap of the race, which you can read on any number of sites – see the links in the column on the right – The Parade Lap is going to explain a specific thing that someone said (or did) during the race which may be confusing to new F1 fans.  We’ll also offer […]

Why does everyone keep talking about the tyres?

OK, we’re a couple of posts in, now, so everybody should have a basic understanding of what F1 is and how a race weekend works. Time for some specifics. First up: tyres. The first question you might have, if you’re not from Britain or the colonies, is, “Why do you keep writing ‘tyre’ instead of […]

A Grand Prix Weekend in (kind of) Brief

This post is a general overview of a Formula One race weekend, particularly from the perspective of someone watching on television. There are lots of details, rules, and strategies for each of the different components of the weekend; we’ll cover those in time. This is just so you have some idea what is going on […]