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Formula 1 Salaries vs. Points Won: Which Driver Provided the Best Value in 2016?

Five Formula One drivers collected salaries of more than $10 million in 2016, but only two of those drivers won a race this year. Unlike more traditional team sports, where a good player on a bad team can still rack up a load of goals or home runs or touchdowns, a good F1 driver on a bad team is not going to win races (well, not very often).


Has Manor Racing Been Sold?

The Manor Racing F1 team has been sold, according to a source within the team’s Banbury, England factory.

Is Formula 1 Dying in Europe?

Vive la France! The French Grand Prix is back!

The oldest grand prix of them all—first held at Le Mans in 1906—will return to the Formula One calendar in 2018 after a 10-year absence.

Why Nico Rosberg’s Retirement Is the Right Decision

The word “shocking” gets thrown around a lot, especially in sports, and often it is not warranted. But Nico Rosberg’s decision to retire from Formula One just five days after finally winning his first world championship is truly a shock.

We’re Back

Now that I am no longer covering F1 for Bleacher Report, The Parade Lap is ending its hiatus. We will have new content wrapping up the 2016 season in the coming days.

Welcome back!