Monthly Archives: June 2013

Contradictions – Mercedes and the Young Driver Test

As you probably know by now, following the Spanish Grand Prix, Mercedes carried out a test for Pirelli using their current cars and race drivers (Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg).  The tyres were prototypes, though, as the test was supposed to be for Pirelli’s benefit, to help develop new tyre compounds. Mercedes team principal Ross […]

Grand Prix weekend in Montréal – Part Two

As Saturday morning practice ended, the track was drying; the sky remained cloudy, although the sun was trying to break through.  Each of the sessions had been run in different conditions – wet, drying, mostly dry – and the teams had also been testing the new tyres for a few laps once they finally were […]

Grand Prix Weekend in Montréal – Part One

Cold and wet.  Those are not the usual adjectives used to describe June weather in Montréal, Canada’s second largest city, but that is what we had – at least for Friday and Saturday – at this year’s Grand Prix.  The sun did not really break through until the morning of the race, and the wind […]

He said what?! – Canadian Grand Prix edition

Sorry for the lack of posts since last week but, as you may know, TPL was on location for the Canadian Grand Prix in Montréal and, for the most part, in no shape to write a coherent blog post.  A couple posts on the race weekend experience are on the way; in the meantime, here is […]

How to dress like an F1 driver

So, you’ve been watching some races and enjoying the on-track action; maybe you even have a favourite team or driver, now.  If so, you might be admiring the uniforms and clothing worn by the drivers and other team members around the circuit.  And, if you’re doing that, you’re probably wondering the best way to get […]

Formula One is not a fair sport

Well, that’s not quite fair – everyone does play by the same rules (extra Mercedes tests notwithstanding) – but it is not a sport that strives for parity like, say, the National Football League (NFL). While the NFL, and most other team sports (at least in North America), share revenues and hold entry drafts in […]