How the Canadian Grand Prix Became the Country’s Largest Sporting Event

I was covering the Canadian Grand Prix for Vice Sports last weekend and, after a lengthy saga to obtain my media pass, I finally made it to the paddock on Saturday morning.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first F1 grand prix in Canada, but only the 48th running of the Canadian Grand Prix as a world championship event, as it has been cancelled a few times. The race actually started out at a circuit in the farmlands outside Toronto, so I thought it would be interesting to explore how it grew from those humble beginnings to Canada’s largest sporting event and one of the biggest parties in the country.

Along the way, I spoke with Gerald Donaldson, the dean of Canadian F1 writers, Jacques Villeneuve, the country’s only F1 world champion, and Johnny Herbert, a three-time grand prix winner who had nothing but bad luck in Montreal throughout his career, but loves the circuit and the event nonetheless. I also watched Lance Stroll, the latest Canadian F1 driver, score his first F1 points and celebrate like he won the race.

I hope you enjoy the story….

Montreal’s Legendary F1 Circuit Is Part of the Canadian Grand Prix Allure


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