10 Tips for Taking Your Kids to a Formula 1 Race

Back in June, I took my son Michael to the Canadian Grand Prix for free practice on Friday. We had a great time and I thought I would share some tips for other parents who might want to bring their kids to a Formula One race based on our experience in Montreal and the 15 years I have been attending grands prix.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 7.25.53 AM

Without Bleacher Report as a regular outlet for my F1 writing, I’ve been using The Parade Lap a bit more often, but I’ve also noticed more people writing on Medium, lately. I thought it would be worth a try as a broader platform, particularly for a story like this. We’ll see.

Here’s the link.


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  1. Debbie · · Reply

    I like this! It’s not an adventure a lot of parents might think of but neat the way you explained it – seeing little ones enjoy racing their toy cars at home, I can see why this would be exciting and a fun parent/child day – thanks Matthew!

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