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Can F1 Pit Stops Get Any Quicker? Interview with Red Bull’s Jonathan Wheatley

At the 2013 United States Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing set a new Formula One record with the first sub-two-second pit stop.

Changing four tyres in under two seconds is an incredible feat of human skill and engineering—as readers will surely know if they have ever struggled with a jack and lug wrench on the side of the road.

However, race team manager Jonathan Wheatley told the Red Bull website at the time that the team can—and does, in practice—go even quicker. He acknowledged, though, that, “in a race with the noise, the pressure and everything else going on, it’s probably unlikely we’ll see it.”


Is the Sound of the New 2014 Formula 1 Engines a Problem on TV?

There was a roar emanating from Melbourne last weekend, but it was not coming from the Formula One cars tearing around Albert Park.

Rather, it was the sound of the media, fans, race organisers and even F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone complaining about the lack of noise made by the new hybrid F1 power units. (We are not supposed to call them “engines” anymore.)

Lotus’ Australian Grand Prix Double-Retirement Is Actually a Positive Result

On Sunday, Pastor Maldonado pulled off the circuit just 29 laps into the Australian Grand Prix. Fourteen laps later, his Lotus teammate, Romain Grosjean, joined him in retirement from the first Formula One race of the season.

Strangely, in the new, hybrid-power unit (not engine) world of F1, this double-retirement actually represents a positive result for the team.

Sebastian Vettel Can Be Positive Despite Early Red Bull Retirement

The 2014 Australian Grand Prix weekend has been a roller coaster ride for the Red Bull team and Sebastian Vettel—and not just because this year’s Formula One cars are so much more difficult to control.

Despite the up-and-down weekend, though, Vettel and his team can still be positive heading into the next race, in Malaysia.

Formula 1 2014: Complete Season Preview, Predictions and Expert Breakdown

The Formula 1 season is upon us, and to be honest, we’re not quite sure what is going to happen.

Nobody is.

The cars are much-changed, the driver line-ups much altered, and the rules have been jumbled up as well.

So we asked our F1 writers what they thought would happen, to try to predict the key events of the year.

McLaren’s Title Sponsor Gamble Could Backfire in 2014

McLaren CEO Ron Dennis is gambling on his team. No, not in the same way Pete Rose did to earn himself a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball.

The McLaren boss told reporters at the team factory last week that, “Our cars will not feature a title sponsor at the first event, but it will definitely feature a title sponsor at some time in the next few races,” per ESPN F1.

Australian Grand Prix 2014: 10 Facts About the Track at Albert Park, Melbourne

The Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, located in Albert Park in Australia’s second city, has hosted the Formula One Australian Grand Prix since 1996.

The Australian Grand Prix is usually the first race of the F1 season, and this year is no different.

In preparation for the March 16 race, here are 10 interesting facts about the Melbourne circuit, so maybe you can impress your friends while you watch the grand prix.