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Michael Schumacher: From Flawed Champion to Sympathetic Figure

I was never a Michael Schumacherfan. His years at Ferrari were agony for me, as he piled up titles and records at a prodigious rate. When Fernando Alonso finally ended his run of five straight championships in 2005, I was happy. When Schumiretired after the 2006 season, I was ecstatic.


Ranking Every Driver’s 2013 Form

Now that the 2013 Formula One season has been finished for a month, with Sebastian Vettel comfortably ensconced as a four-time champion, we can look back with a bit of perspective. This ranking is designed to evaluate the drivers aside from their point totals (although not completely, as wins and points are the ultimate barometer of success in F1).

Comparing Sebastian Vettel at 120 Grands Prix with the Greats of Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel has started 120 grands prix in his career, winning 39 of them. He has also won four World Drivers’ Championships. Those numbers already have the German in lofty company—only three drivers have more victories and only two have more championships—but how do Vettel’s results stack up against other Formula One superstars at the same point in their careers?

Controversial Formula 1 Double-Points Proposal Could Be Scrapped

Formula One’s controversial double-points proposal may be scrapped before it is even implemented.

What Was the Point of the Formula 1 Pre-Season Pirelli Tyre Test in Bahrain?

The 2013 Formula One season was plagued by controversy over Pirelli and the tyres it supplied. In an attempt to head off similar problems in 2014, the FIA authorized a tyre test in Bahrain from December 17-19.

Winners and Losers After Seat Switches in the 2014 F1 Driver Market

Each offseason, the Formula One driver carousel spins. Some drivers get on or off (entering or exiting the sport), and some just change horses.

Has Safer F1 Now Lost Its Edge?

The biggest problem with modern Formula One, despite what you may read elsewhere, is not Pirelli, nor the difficulty of passing without the drag reduction system, nor the financial struggles of various teams.

It is the lack of danger.