Monthly Archives: August 2015

Analysing Lewis Hamilton’s Stunning Qualifying Improvement Versus Nico Rosberg

After nine races of the 2014 Formula One season, Nico Rosberghad outqualified his Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton 5-4, and each driver had scored four pole positions. At the same point this year, about halfway through the season’s 19 races, Hamilton has outqualified Rosberg 8-1 (the two Merc drivers have swept the front row of the grid seven times and taken all nine poles).


It’s Too Early to Get Too Excited About the F1 Strategy Group’s Proposed Changes

The Formula One Strategy Cartel…er, Group…met again last week in London, producing an idealistic press release that is short on details. Before everyone gets too excited about sprint races and a return to eardrum-shattering noise, though, let’s remember that just because the group discussed something, that doesn’t mean it will actually happen.

Mercedes’ Superior Strategy Enables Lewis Hamilton to Win British Grand Prix

After Lewis Hamilton threw away victory with an ill-advised pit stop at the Monaco Grand Prix in May, Mercedes’ strategy was flawless at Silverstone Circuit on Sunday, enabling Hamilton to overcome a poor start and that inevitable English rain to win the British Grand Prix—his fifth victory in nine Formula One races this year.

Reliving Jenson Button’s British Grand Prix Disappointments and Disasters

Fifteen times Button has started at Silverstone and fifteen times he has ended the race without standing on the podium. His countryman and former team-mate Lewis Hamilton has four podiums and two victories in eight British Grands Prix. Button has finished fourth on three occasions, tantalizingly close to tasting the champagne with the Union Jack hanging over his head.

Formula 1 Prize Money Distribution Highlights Inequalities in the Sport

Imagine if Manchester United received a special payment each year from the Football Association, just so they would show up for their Premier League matches. Or if the Dallas Cowboys took a cut off the top of the NFL’s television revenues in exchange for them not dropping out and forming a rival league with the NFL’s most popular teams.