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Ranking the Drivers Most Likely to Leave Their Current Race Seat by 2015

Unlike most professional sports, Formula One does not have a free agent period or transfer window—a defined period where athletes can sign with a new team.

This means that as soon as a driver is confirmed for a season with a particular team, the speculation can (and usually does) begin as to where he will be the following year.


Russian Grand Prix 2014: After the Winter Olympics, Will Sochi Be Ready?

As the 2014 Winter Olympics draw to a close in Sochi, Russia, the resort city on the Black Sea is only eight months away from another major international event. On October 12, Sochi will host the first Russian Grand Prix in 100 years.

Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull: The Least Dominant of the Great F1 Dynasties

Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull have dominated Formula One for most of the last four years. In that time, Vettel and his teammate, Mark Webber, have won more races than all of their rivals combined. No matter how you feel about Vettel, or whether you are a Red Bull fan, it cannot be denied that their performance has been one of the most impressive in F1 history.

Does Ferrari Need Formula 1 More Than F1 Needs the Scuderia?

Formula One without Ferrari would be like Major League Baseball without the New York Yankees or the English Premier League without Manchester United. Ferrari is the sport’s most prestigious team, having won the most races and championships, by far.

Formula 1 Prize Money: What Are the Rewards Per Race and Per Season?

There is a lot of money in Formula One; that is no secret. According to Reuters, the sport generated more than $1.5 billion in revenue in 2011.

But how much of that money finds its way back to the teams? How much is a victory worth? Or the Constructors’ Championship?

Two New Bernie Ecclestone Articles

I am getting a bit behind posting my new Bleacher Report articles here, since I’ve been busy writing new Bleacher Report articles. Here are two new ones on Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone.

Ranking the 32 Formula 1 World Champions

In 64 Formula One World Championship seasons, there have been 32 different Drivers’ champions.

Even between drivers who competed directly against each other, there are debates among the followers of the sport about who is better. Juan Manuel Fangio or Alberto Ascari? Ayrton Senna or Alain Prost? Sebastian Vettel or Fernando Alonso? There are no easy answers.

Here, we are going to rank not only the drivers of a particular era, but every world champion from 1950 to 2013.