One Year

One year ago, I published the first post on this blog.  I just wanted to have a place to practice my writing and to share some thoughts about something I really enjoy: Formula One.

After writing here for a few months, mostly for family and friends, and getting published in The Gazette, I applied to write for Bleacher Report.  They accepted me and, after writing a couple stories for them, they offered me a position as a Featured Columnist.

Not only do I get to work with a great editor and team of writers, but now I also make a bit of money for doing something I love.  It doesn’t get much better than that…oh, wait…yeah it does: my application is in for media accreditation for the Canadian Grand Prix next month!

Bleacher Report has helped me improve my writing, and also provided a lot more exposure for it—my average article on B/R gets about three times as many views as this blog has, ever.  And I’ve gotten to interview David Brabham, Bruno Senna and some German law professors (thanks, Bernie!).

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!  Thanks for reading and enjoy the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend.


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