Ferrari, Mercedes Will Benefit Most From New Engine Regulations

After four straight years of Formula One dominance from Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull, fans are ready for a change.  The hope is that new engine regulations for the 2014 season will provide it . . .

Click here to read the full article at Bleacher Report.

(Photo credit: Jess Loughborough via Flickr)



  1. Thats great my two favourite brands!!!

    Hello I love your blog, and would appreciate some feedback on mine. Im a new blogger and need feedback on how to promote my Blog. Thank you 🙂

    1. Thanks!

      I use Twitter and Facebook to promote my blog. Of course, this only reaches your friends, or anyone who chooses to follow you on Twitter, but it’s a start.

      You can use Twitter for networking, too. If you think you have written a particularly good article, tweet it to some car journalists, or whoever you think might be interested. All it takes is one retweet or reply from a well-known person to get a lot of attention.

      Just last week, I started writing for Bleacher Report, in part to gain more exposure. If you want to review cars, see if there are established sites that accept submissions. You could even offer to write a car column for your school paper. Something like that would be great experience for your resumé and would help promote your blog.

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